Tuesday, April 29, 2014


This is my story behind my creature the "Tripolasaur."

The Tripolasaur is an Oracle and guardian to the deity Jdow. If you’re granted an audience with the Tripolasaur you are to ask it a series of questions. If it finds your questions or your life’s purpose worthy, the deity Jdow will bestow it to you. Unbeknownest to would-be travelers, this creature only grants an audience to Jdow to the men and women with the blackest hearts.
If you are a man or woman of integrity or righteousness you are usually never heard from again. The three heads of the Tripolasaur represent your past, present and future. The blind head of the Tripolasaur is the most cunning and has the final say with your life. Most believe the powerful and infamous people on the planet have been given their status by the Jdow via the Tripolasaur.This creature lives in caves and high elevated mountainous regions. It stands at 15 to 20 feet tall with a wing span of 40 feet. The Tripolasaur has no known predators and it’s lifespan is usually two to three centuries at a time and is resurrected periodically, depending on the whim and dictates of the deity Jdow. This carnivorous creature subsists off the bodies of the men and woman brave enough to seek answers to the meaning of life.

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